The “Sustainable POS displays” initiative at the Consumer Products Division


In 2013, the L’Oréal France Consumer Products Division rolled out the “Sustainable POS displays” plan to reduce the volume of point-of-sale (POS) advertising displays and to facilitate recycling by partnering with distributors and suppliers.


The in-house competition known as “Les Agitateurs de Beauté” rewards the best initiatives by L’Oréal employees. The 2013 winner in the Sustainable Development category, the “Sustainable POS displays” project, is gradually being implemented throughout L’Oréal in France, in collaboration with suppliers and distributors. This programme addresses a threefold challenge: environmental, social and economic. It is based on four key concepts: eco-designed furniture, particularly with respect to choices of materials; devising better usage strategies; recycling POS displays at the point of sale; and including a social dimension in the recycling or reuse, such as helping establishments that support occupational reintegration.


In 2014, “Sustainable POS displays” began to show results: L’Oréal developed ten indicators for eco-design of POS displays and now includes these guidelines in its requests for proposal. This has translated into the creation of lighter displays that are easier to recycle. Today, 95% of L’Oréal’s POS displays in France are made from FSC/PEFC-certified paper and their weight in 2014 was reduced at source by 12% over 2013. L’Oréal simultaneously devised better usage strategies, such as maximising the displays’ exposure rates, optimising transport flows and limiting their unpacking and destruction rates.


The L’Oréal France Consumer Products Division has also intensified its efforts in sorting and recycling POS displays by raising awareness among its distributors. In the first trimester of 2015, this educational focus – in the form of training, trade shows, communication kits, and the like – led to one third of distributors being involved in the programme. L’Oréal is also working to give a second life to its POS displays by donating them to partnering charitable associations. For example, in 2014, the furnishings from the L’Oréal stand at The Global Summit trade show were recovered by the Asseca social grocery store, which helps disadvantaged people return to the working world.

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2016 46%
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of L'Oréal's brands conducted an initiative raising awareness about sustainable consumption and bringing answers to some of the challenges our society and environment face. Our target: 100% by 2020.


of new or renovated products in 2016 have an improved environmental profile thanks to a new formula that has a reduced environmental footprint.

“Reconciling the convictions of citizens with the decisions made by consumers is one of our main challenges! ”

« Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour construire un Loréal plus durable. »

Alexandra Palt

Directrice Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale



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