Murumuru, at the core of a unique partnership


To ensure the responsible sourcing of Murumuru butter in Brazil, L’Oréal has opted for a unique form of partnership, relying on agreements with local communities in an effort to promote sustainable harvesting practices and  ensure long-term income for producers.

In Brazil, L’Oréal is supplied with diverse renewable raw materials such as babassu oil, which enters into the composition of hair care product; white clay, used in the production of body hygiene products; and Murumuru butter, with its emollient properties, for better hair volume control. The seed it is extracted from is also, along with other raw materials, a major source of income for producers of the Bragança region, in the state of Pará. 

A unique partnership

L’Oréal began its strategy with representatives of these communities in 2012, namely the Brazilian supplier of natural ingredients, Beraca, and GIZ, a German international cooperation agency. to ensure responsible sourcing, L’Oréal has opted for a unique form of partnership. 

‘‘This is the first time we have an agreement based on a territory, with different communities, and not on an ingredient,’’ explains Blaise Didillon, Director of Research and Innovation for L’Oréal Brazil. The stakes are not so much a risk of harming biodiversity, as Astrocaryum murumuru (the name of the palm species with pinnate leaves that gives the well-known seed) is not under threat. The aim is to sustainably enhance the natural resources of the ecosystem of a country, Brazil, home to 30% of the world’s plant species. 

Objective: To enhance the natural resources of a country, Brazil, sustainably, a country that is home to 30% of the world’s plant species.

For the supply of Murumuru oil, L’Oréal has thus taken on commitment with regard to 240 families in the Bragança region to train them in harvesting practices as well as strengthen their technical abilities by way of new equipment, including solar panels, to help transform the seeds harvested into butter, hence  increasing their value and guaranteeing a better income for the local population.

In 2014, the partnership was strengthened with the COPPALJ farmers cooperative, which employs women for the harvesting of babassu nuts. Today, 800 families from the Lago do Junco region benefit from this agreement.




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