Made in Chimex, an award-winning sustainable-innovation plan


In 2014, Chimex received the Responsible Care® award from the Union des Industries Chimiques de France (UIC France) in the CSR category for Made in Chimex. This plan means L’Oréal’s fine chemicals and biotechnology company takes another major step toward making chemistry and its industry ever more sustainable.


On May 22nd 2014, at the third États Généraux de la Chimie, UIC France presented its national Responsible Care® awards, honouring outstanding and innovative accomplishments in four categories – CSR, health, safety and environment – and a jury prize. Chimex, among 82 contenders, was chosen to receive a trophy for Made in Chimex. This initiative, which was introduced in 2010, supports the design of innovative industrial processes in fine chemistry and biotechnology that have long-term, proven social and environmental value that is tangible to consumers-citizens. Chimex relied on four fundamentals for this plan. Environmental concepts are applied starting with the initial phase of process design, such as the use of eco-design principles. Responsibility is also factored into the production phase to minimise the environmental footprint. Furthermore, Chimex provides communication support for its processes with comprehensible materials and a collection of technical and social arguments, while maintaining objectivity through the use of audits and certification.


The Responsible Care® award gave particular recognition to an exclusive tool that is central to the Made in Chimex initiative: the Eco-Footprint©. It assesses the environmental impact of manufacturing processes for cosmetic ingredients, calculating indicators such as the renewable carbon content in the final product or the E-factor, which measures the amount of waste per kilogramme of manufactured product. The Eco-Footprint© means Chimex is able to track this impact and respond with reduction solutions. The company therefore focuses on offering processes with E-factors of less than 5 kilogrammes and producing ingredients with greater than 50% renewable carbon content. The challenge has been met to a great degree with Pro-Xylane, a molecule developed by L’Oréal Advanced Research that reduces the signs of skin ageing. By working across the entire production chain, Chimex has managed to raise the synthon’s renewable carbon content to more than 80% and lower the E-factor from 96 to 5 kilogrammes ​​of waste per kilogramme of manufactured product.

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More than 40 000

formulas in all 19 types of product* made by L’Oréal have been screened by our experts.

* shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, skincare products, cleansers, hair colouring, styling products, perms, deodorants, suncare products, make-up, fragrances, etc.


New or renovated products having an improved environmental or social profile in 2017. Our target: 100% by 2020.


of new or renovated products in 2017 have an improved environmental or social profile thanks to packaging with a lower environmental footprint.

« Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour construire un Loréal plus durable. »

Alexandra Palt

Directrice Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale



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