L’Oréal Share & Care Programme, social progress accelerator

04/2016 • Updated 05/10/2016

L’Oréal has always sought to ensure that all of its employees enjoy the same level of safety and protection, driven by the belief that one cannot deliver sustainable growth without social performance.

Launched at the end of 2013, L’Oréal Share & Care programme consists in providing L’Oréal employees, in the 67 countries in which the Group has subsidiaries with minimum, universal social protection aligned with the best practices for each local market.

The programme covers four key areas

  • Care: healthcare, providing healthcare cover in line with the best practices available in the country of residence and fast access to quality healthcare for employees and their families

  • Protect: social welfare, to provide employees with financial support in the event of a non-work- related accident;

  • Balance: parenting, to allow employees to make the most of being a mother or father while continuing to pursue their career;

  • Enjoy: quality of working life.

The essential components of L’Oréal Share & Care programme have now been deployed in all the countries in which the Group has subsidiaries.

In 2016 we started a second stage of this programme. Covering the period from 2017 until 2020, this stage will make it possible to go even further in the four areas by making new commitments and continuing to promote the development of innovative local initiatives.

A social-innovation laboratory

The L’Oréal Share & Care programme also aims to turn each country into a social-innovation laboratory, which means encouraging all countries to implement initiatives tailored to employee expectations.

The programme has also received the support of the International Labour Organization, which launched the “Global Business Network for Social Protection Floors” in October 2015 to support the development of social protection systems around the world. L’Oréal is a founding member.

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« Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour construire un Loréal plus durable. »

Alexandra Palt

Directrice Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale



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