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In 2013, the Active Cosmetics Division’s two production sites, in Vichy and La Roche-Posay, kicked off a major project to improve working conditions of the packaging teams, an operation that is part of a broader approach begun a few years ago.

Before the Group even launched the Ergonomic Attitude programme, created in 2010 to reinforce a culture of ergonomics at L’Oréal, both these Active Cosmetics Production plants helped develop software used by the Group to perform ergonomic analyses.

Their commitment to these objectives is as strong as ever.


After the 2011 and 2012 analysis phases, the packaging action plans were finalised in 2013, including organisational changes, technical improvements and the automation of production lines.

This proactive approach has proven its success: in 2014, awkward postures constituting a risk were reduced by an average of 65% in the two factories. In 2014, this initiative was extended to all flow-based tasks (weighing, manufacturing and fork-lift operation) and, in 2015, administrative positions are, in turn, undergoing assessment and improvement. To underscore this commitment, an annual Ergonomics Week is held to raise staff awareness about proper postures. “We are committed to continuous improvement and are constantly making our plants evolve to ensure our staff’s well-being and health in the workplace,” says Jérôme Drapeau, Production Director, Active Cosmetics Production.

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« Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour construire un Loréal plus durable. »

Alexandra Palt

Directrice Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale



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