L’Oréal carries on actions for social inclusion


L’Oréal Italy is very active in the field of social responsibility. Since the end of 2013, this commitment has been strengthened further, by integrating the values of Sharing Beauty With All.


The Italian subsidiary has many initiatives in place. The most well-established is undoubtedly the partnership with “La Piazza dei Mestieri”, a school of excellence that teaches the traditional skills for which Italy is renowned (hairstyling, beauty, gastronomy, barista, hand-made chocolate, beer, artistic typography), aiming at 13 to 17 year-old personally and socially disadvantaged youngsters who have been excluded from the traditional educational path. The “Piazza dei Mestieri” schools are located in Turin, Novara, Catania and Milan. The employment rate for those qualifying from the Piazza exceeds 70% within the first six months following the date of qualification.


An agreement was signed in 2014 with the community of San Patrignano, the most important Italian rehabilitation centre — and one of the largest in Europe — in the struggle against drug dependency. With San Patrignano, L’Oréal Italy has examined various levels of collaboration. The first is part of the therapeutic path and consists of make-up workshops to provide young women following treatment with the aesthetic tools and services to enable them to re-engage with society. Another involves the structural and professional reconversion of the hairdressing salon serving the community, by bringing significant improvements so that it can eventually open to outside customers. The third involves giving the community access to educational training courses leading to tangible qualifications and providing them with the professional skills required for their reintegration at the end of their treatment.


L’Oréal Italy is also active in the disability field. In fact, it is a partner of “L’Arte nel Cuore”, a Roman association that brings together the non-disabled and those with various levels of disabilities in a theatre training program. Various activities are offered, some relating closely to L’Oréal’s expertise, such as theatre make-up, up to the craft of acting, aiming to getting people on stage - for whom taking part in a theatre production is an extraordinary occasion to overcome personal limitations and express courage. A very useful example for our managers, who have had the opportunity to attend a training course with “L’Arte nel Cuore” and experience first-hand and draw inspiration from the work of this association.

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« Nous sommes tous mobilisés pour construire un Loréal plus durable. »

Alexandra Palt

Directrice Responsabilité Sociétale et Environnementale



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